“Girls create the Internet!” was our slogan for this year’s Girls’ Day that took place on April 28th.

The Girls’ Day is a large campaign which has already existed for about 15 years and targets young girls aged 10 and

An Unexpected Solution To Microservices UI Composition

So you have decided to opt for Microservices in order to achieve maximum autonomy for your teams. Still, at the front end your services still have to be joined into one single page. This requirement leaves you with two options: …

Newbie on Board

Making new team members feel welcome and giving them the opportunity to learn about their company and coworkers is vital for a productive and positive entrepreneurial climate. A couple of weeks after my start at AutoScout24 I attended their Welcome …

Dynamic Resizing at Scale

This is about how we are delivering thousands of dynamically resized images from our datacenter, per second. We have outbound traffic of about 2-3 Gbit per second. Around 60% of that consists of image requests. After years of running all …

WANTED Next Generation Software Engineer

As Europe’s largest online car advertisement portal with the ambition to reinvent AutoScout24 for the 21st century, we are facing the following challenges:

  1. Lean start-up mindset – We continuously improve our platform by focusing on our customers’ needs and verifying

Why AutoScout24 Changes its technology


European 100 engineer online marketplace AutoScout24 changes its technology from .NET/Windows/on-prem to JVM/Linux/AWS to become more flexible and better participate in the shared ecosystem of the internet industry.

Where we are now AutoScout24 is a pan-European vehicle marketplace used …