Newbie on Board

Making new team members feel welcome and giving them the opportunity to learn about their company and coworkers is vital for a productive and positive entrepreneurial climate. A couple of weeks after my start at AutoScout24 I attended their Welcome …

Dynamic Resizing at Scale

This is about how we are delivering thousands of dynamically resized images from our datacenter, per second. We have outbound traffic of about 2-3 Gbit per second. Around 60% of that consists of image requests. After years of running all …

WANTED Next Generation Software Engineer

As Europe’s largest online car advertisement portal with the ambition to reinvent AutoScout24 for the 21st century, we are facing the following challenges:

  1. Lean start-up mindset – We continuously improve our platform by focusing on our customers’ needs and verifying

Why AutoScout24 Changes its technology


European 100 engineer online marketplace AutoScout24 changes its technology from .NET/Windows/on-prem to JVM/Linux/AWS to become more flexible and better participate in the shared ecosystem of the internet industry.

Where we are now AutoScout24 is a pan-European vehicle marketplace used …

Getting your Features Out

When I started developing, change handling was easy. “Never change a running system” worked as a guideline that made sure we developers would release only at specified times (like once a year) to make the release as smooth and easy …

Kartoffel Automatisierung und mal anders

Am Freitag den 13.06.2014 hat mein Kollege Ingmar Krusch mir einen langgehegten Wunsch erfüllt.

Seit ich Ingmar (den Chef unser Produktionsabteilung) mit einem T-Shirt mit dem Aufdruck AUTOMATE! gesehen habe,  hatte ich eine Idee, die mich nicht mehr los ließ. …