Kickoff for Diversity at Scout24

Last Friday the whole Diversity in Tech Community of IS24 took one day to pitch ideas and define goals for the next year. The Stratum Lounge in Berlin Friedrichshain, a great location to focus and gather ideas. Kicking off the …

PostgreSQL & the socketTimeout connection parameter trap

Are you using PostgreSQL and experiencing PSQLException: This connection has been closed. sometimes? Did you, by chance, configure a socketTimeout for your database connection? Read on to find out more and how to fix this.…

Diversity in Tech @IS24

sticker_final„Colorful is my favorite color“ – Walter Gropius

Home is where your story begins. Mobility takes you further on your very journey. At Scout24 we value the diversity of our employees as much as our users’ individual life scripts. Our

Agile Night 2016 @ ImmobilienScout24

Bereits zum dritten Mal fand am 24. Mai die Agile Night statt. Eine Veranstaltung im Rahmen der B-DoSE Veranstaltungsreihe, gehostet von ImmobilienScout24.

Die Vorträge der Agile Night wurden im „Pecha Kucha“ – Format gehalten. Eine Vortragsmethode, die ihren Ursprung 2003 …

How Instant Apps could change the way we think about native mobile

At its annual developer conference Google introduced Android Instant Apps. With Instant Apps, users could use native apps just by tapping a link without the need to install them on the device.

This way of using apps will have …

This is the age of Building Interactions

Software Development changed a lot over last twenty years. From desktop to web, to platform development. My presentation will show you these impacts and present a new manifesto for technologists building interactions.